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Every Step of the Way

Milestones and Milestone Session Packages

The first thought this morning as I saw my son run across the room was “Wait.. Where did my baby go?” Who is this boy and when did he replace my chubby, snugly, crawling little baby? People told me the first year goes by so fast. I smiled and nodded but I never ever thought it would go by THIS fast? Now, my son is 7 years old, running around, talking, so incredibly independent. It seemed like the first year of his life flew by. Even as each day passed, I realized how fast everything was moving.


All I have from that first year are a lot of blurry cell phone pictures and not nearly enough photos with my good camera (It's hard to be both Mom and Photographer of your own kids!).


All of this made me think of my clients and the importance of my role as a photographer, a memory keeper. Those milestones in your baby's first year both big and small should be captured forever. Parents and siblings should share in these photos, so that you can look back and remember the important details.

This is why I cannot express enough the importance of Milestone Packages. Don't let life get in the way of capturing these memories that you will want to remember forever.

Just One

$200 - Any  single milestone session within the first year. (except newborn)

$250 - Newborn session

Add Maternity Session for $150

The Big Ones

Includes 2 Sessions

  • Newborn

  • One-Year/Cake Smash

Each session comes with

  • $50 Print Credit

Add Maternity Session for $75 (50% off)

The Highlights

Includes 3 Sessions

  • Newborn

  • Your Choice: Head up (3-4 months) or Sitter (6-7months)

  • One-Year/Cake Smash

Each session comes with

  • 1 Digital Image

  • $50 Print Credit


Add Maternity Session for $75 (50% off)

The Full Year

Includes 6 Sessions:

  • Maternity (Complimentary)

  • Newborn 

  • 3 month (Head up)

  • 6 month (Sitting)

  • 9 month (Crawling)

  • One-Year/Cake Smash

Each session comes with

  • 3 Digital Images

  • $50 Print Credit


Includes Complimentary Maternity Session!

The Full Year Plus

Includes 13 Sessions:

  • Monthly session from Newborn through One Year/Cake Smash

  • One complimentary session (maternity, child/family or 2nd birthday

Each session comes with

  • 4 Digital Images

  • Mini accordion book of your favorite images

  • 20% off print order


Includes complimentary session for use during anytime within 2 years!

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