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$150 Session Fee

(50% off or Complimentary with the purchase of an Every Step of the Way Milestone Package)

Maternity Sessions typically take place between 32-36 weeks, though all women are different, so we will work together to determine the best and most comfortable time for you. Your spouse and any children or pets are welcome to participate.


Session fee covers travel (up to 20 miles of 01826). Standard mileage fee charged for additional miles), time, talent and processing of photos, 20+ images. Includes about 30-45 min of shooting for up to 4 people.  Additional people can be added for $10 each.

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WEB_Anna Maternity_0338 copy
WEB_Anna Maternity_0252 copy
WEB_Anna Maternity_0277 copy
WEB_Anna Maternity_0156 copy
WEB_Anna Maternity_0240 copy
WEB_Anna Maternity_0201 copy
WEB_Anna Maternity_0109 copy
WEB_Morgana_0010 copy
WEB_Morgana_0209 copy
CaleyD Maternity_0279 copy
WEB_CaleyD Maternity_0170 copy
Cara Silvia_0099 copy
WEB_CaleyD Maternity_0108 copy
Kellie Hickey_0170 copy
Cara Silvia_0062 copy
WEB_CaleyD Maternity_0099 copy
Mancini_0174 copy
WEB_CaleyD Maternity_0207 copy
Cara Silvia_0011 copy
Mancini_0183 copy
Kellie Hickey_0264 copy
Mancini_0163 copy
WEB_CaleyD Maternity_0008 copy
Mancini_0154 copy
Mancini_0155 copy
Mancini_0114 copy
Mancini_0088 copy
Mancini_0046 copy
Mancini_0031 copy
Mancini_0088 copy
Mancini_0184 copy
WEB_Kyla Maternity_0168 copy
WEB_Kyla Maternity_0087 copy
WEB_Kern_0012 copy.jpg
WEB_Kyla Maternity_0121 copy
WEB_Jean_0027 copy.jpg
Maternity photographyer in Methuen
Sullivan_0132 copy.jpg
WEB_Kyla Maternity_0063 copy
WEB_Kern_0187 copy.jpg
WEB_Mendoza_0102 copy.jpg
WEB_Kern_0266 copy.jpg
WEB_Mendoza_0069 copy.jpg
WEB_Vong_0212 copy.jpg
Sullivan_0071 copy.jpg
WEB_Vong_0155 copy.jpg
WEB_Vong_0112 copy.jpg
WEB_Nemo_0072 copy.jpg
Maternity Photographer Jamaica Plain
WEB_Jean_0196 copy.jpg
Maternity photographer in Woburn, MA
Sullivan_0146 copy.jpg
WEB_Jean_0063 copy2.jpg
WEB_Jean_0029 copy.jpg
WEB_Jean_0051 copy.jpg
WEB_Jean_0285 copy.jpg
Sullivan_0294 copy.jpg
Maternity Photographer Jamaica Plain
Sullivan_0327 copy.jpg
WEB_Cooke_0009 copy.jpg
Maternity photographer in Woburn
Maternity photographer Jamaica Plain
Maternity photographer Jamaica Plain
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