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Kids grow up so fast and families change over time. It is so important to capture the little moments and the family dynamic along the way. 

Session fee covers travel (up to 25 miles of 01826), time, talent and processing of photos. You will have the option of choosing from a minimum of 15 photos, but normally there are many, many more! For larger groups, there is a $20 per person charge over 5 people.

$150 Session Fee

Kids and Family

WEB_Anna Maternity_0156 copy
WEB_Surun Family_0215 copy
WEB_Chloe Mone 3mo_0080 copy
WEB_Anna Maternity_0201 copy
WEB_Landon Duffty 1yr_0163 copy
WEB_Anna Maternity_0036 copy
WEB_Landon Duffty 1yr_0384 copy
WEB_Anna Maternity_0070 copy
WEB_Anna Maternity_0057 copy
WEB_Elizabeth_0154 copy_ copy
WEB_Anna Maternity_0055 copy
WEB_Anna Maternity_0109 copy
WEB_Landon Duffty 1yr_0255 copy
WEB_Landon Duffty 1yr_0208 copy
WEB_Landon Duffty 1yr_0287 copy
WEB_IMG_7529 copy_Rev copy
Massucco Family Session_0464 copy
Massucco Family Session_0451 copy
Massucco Family Session_0340 copy
Massucco Family Session_0337 copy
Massucco Family Session_0181 copy
Massucco Family Session_0321 copy
Val Family Session1_0006 copy
Val Family Session1_0188 copy
Goldman Family_0059 copy
Goldman Family_0272 copy
WEB_Ellie Blanchard one year_0043-Recovered copy
Cara Grenham_0049 copy
WEB_Corey_Reed Beach_0341 copy
WEB_Cara Grenham_0003 copy
WEB_Stilian Family 2019_0485 copy
WEB_Corey_Reed Beach_0285 copy
Nelson_Family and Garret_0023 copy
WEB_Corey_Reed Beach_0258 copy
WEB_Vozzella_0022 copy
WEB_Henry Nutting_4 Months_0250 copy bw crop copy
WEB_Corey_Reed Beach_0322 copy
WEB_Tysen 8mo_0177 copy copy
WEB_Sullivan_Brantly_0063 copy copy
WEB_Stock_0100 copy
WEB_Nemo_0170 copy
WEB_Nemo_0018-1 copy
WEB_Mia one_0105-Recovered copy
WEB_Melilo_0451 copy copy
WEB_Kyla Maternity_0198 copy
WEB_Finn One_0210 copy
WEB_Dodge Mini_0160 copy
WEB_Kyla Maternity_0209 copy
WEB_Dodge Mini_0105 copy
WEB_050915_0348 copy copy
WEB_050915_0280 copy
WEB_050915_0325 copy copy
WEB_050915_0277 copy
WEB_Vroom Maternity_0039 copy
WEB_Vroom Maternity_0266 copy
WEB_Vroom Maternity_0025 copy
WEB_Nelson_Family and Garret_0048 copy copy
WEB_Ashlyn 3mo_0509 copy
WEB_092715_0255 copy
WEB_Woods-Mini_0003 copy
WEB_Finn 2 mo_0050 copy
WEB_kelly bros_0011 copy bw
WEB_Corey_Reed Beach_0129 copy
WEB_Corey_Reed Beach_0121 copy
WEB_Corey_Reed Beach_0047 copy
WEB_Henry Nutting_4 Months_0250 copy bw crop copy
WEB_Phaen Family_0384 copy
WEB_Harrison and Hayden Jean_0233 copy
WEB_Jake Haley Semi_0084 copy
WEB_Phaen Family_0417 copy
Nelson_Family and Garret_0023 copy
WEB_050915_0325 copy copy
WEB_6D Test_0180 copy
WEB_Corey_Reed Beach_0436 copy.jpg
WEB_Emmie 6 mo_0356 copy.jpg
WEB_Emmie 6 mo_0239 copy.jpg
WEB_Corey_Reed Beach_0544 copy.jpg
WEB_Daylon Thompson_0190 copy.jpg
WEB_Melilo_0371 copy.jpg
WEB_Giovanni_0150 copy.jpg
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