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$200 Session Fee

Save money when you bundle with an Every Step of the Way Milestone Package

Newborn sessions focus on the new baby, but posed and lifestyle photos of immediate family and siblings are included. Posed newborn sessions are typically done within the first two weeks of life. This allows us to capture those sweet, sleepy, squishy poses of your new baby. Newborn sessions are accepted up to 6 weeks. 


Sessions typically take place at the family home.  Posed newborn sessions typically last 2-3 hours depending on how baby is doing that day.

Session fee covers travel (up to 25 miles of 01826), time, talent and processing of photos.  You will have the option of choosing from a minimum of 15 photos, but normally there are many, many more!


$175 Session Fee

Save money when you bundle with an Every Step of the Way Milestone Package

A lifestyle photography session captures just that, the way you’ve styled your life. The clothes, blankets, nursery room and other little details that make your life unique and important to you. A lifestyle photographer, like myself, will use their surroundings and the families interactions to guide their session. Not props or poses that are popular right now.


No two collection of images look the same in a lifestyle session, yet these photos evoke such emotion regarding their first days with you, at home. 

Session fee covers travel (up to 25 miles of 01826), time, talent and processing of photos.  Lifestyle newborn sessions typically last approximately 1-2 hours.

WEB_Daniella Newborn_0312 copy
WEB_Arthur Olshan_0346 copy
WEB_Ava Santos_0436 copy
WEB_Andrew Chavez_0068 copy
WEB_Arthur Olshan_0150 copy
WEB_Celia Mitchell_0376 copy
WEB_Ava Santos_0019 copy
WEB_Parker Hodge Sullivan_0051 copy
WEB_Amara Apostolakos_Comp 2 copy
WEB Harrison and Hayden Jean_0104 copy 2
WEB_Stephanie Fantini_0122 copy
WEB_Dineen Newborn_0013 copy
WEB_Gwendolyn McMahon_0298 copy
WEB_Jackson Lee_0087 copy
WEB_Livia Labella Newborn_0326 copy
Acosta_0424 copy
Harrison and Hayden Jean_0031 copy
WEB_Acosta_0408 copy
WEB_Christina Wandell_0096 copy
WEB_Asamoah_Emerson_0781 copy
WEB_Dufort Family
WEB_Quyn 3mo and Sophie Vong Neborn_0071
WEB_20130728_0434 copy
WEB_20130728_0448 copy
WEB_Stella Trudel_0033 copy
Dufort_0043 copy
Acosta_0392 copy
WEB_Jackson Lee_0051 copy
WEB_Tibets Newborn 0282 copy 1
WEB_Gabriella Mia Costa_0125 copy
WEB_Rader_0283 copy
WEB_Stella Trudel_0017 copy
Harrison and Hayden Jean_0147 copy
WEB_Braeden Flynn_0075-Recovered copy
WEB_Gabriella Mia Costa_0045 copy copy
WEB_Harrison and Hayden Jean_0192 copy 3
WEB_Harrison and Hayden Jean_0233 copy
WEB_Braeden Flynn_0215-1 copy
WEB_Sullivan_Brantly_0063 copy copy
WEB_Tiffany King_0076 copy
WEB_William Livingston_0047 copy
WEB_Hannah Corey_0107 copy copy
WEB_Sullivan_Brantly_0051 3 copy
WEB_Kern_Sadie_0341 copy bw
WEB_Gwendolyn McMahon_0103 copy
WEB_Ryan_Tedy_0113 copy
WEB_nelson_garrett_0001 copy
WEB_Avery_0112 copy
WEB_Gwendolyn McMahon_0023 copy
WEB_Vong_Tysen_0094 copy.png
WEB_Avery_0056 copy.jpg
WEB_Stock_0603 bwcopy.jpg
WEB_Vong_Tysen_0032 copy copy.png
WEB_nelson_garrett_0047 copy1.jpg
WEB_Vong_Tysen_0027 copy.png
WEB_Sullivan_Taylor_0167 copy.jpg
WEB_Hudson_Jean_0085 copy.jpg
Dufort_0040 copy.jpg
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