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The Newborn Experience


Learn about our Milestone Packages, Every Step of the Way.


When you hire me as your professional photographer you are guaranteeing a level expertise and talent that will ensure your priceless newborn moments are captured the first time, without worry.  


My past portfolio of beautiful images have not only been achieved through the use of superior quality camera equipment but also through the hundreds of hours of experience I have in photographing newborns.



I will be handling your baby less than a week after birth and therefore I insist that safety and comfort is paramount during the shoot. 


I do not engage in any poses that may be uncomfortable for your baby and will only use poses that have been perfected in the safest way

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WEB_Gwendolyn McMahon_0077 copy
WEB_Addison_0024 copy
WEB_Gwendolyn McMahon_0298 copy
Gwendolyn McMahon_0023 copy
WEB_Gabriella Mia Costa_0045 copy copy
WEB_Eleanor Blanchard_0031 copy
Bennett_Barbin_0193 copy
Gwendolyn McMahon_0088 copy
WEB_Finn 2 mo_0050 copy
WEB_Sullivan_Brantly_0051 tue
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